In these two first months in London I have had the opportunity to visit a lot of places and museums. I have gone to the National Gallery at least three times, Victoria & Albert four or five times, Tate Britain twice and Tate Modern once.
I enjoy a lot of seeing the paintings, the different technics, styles and artists. I remember  the pleasant years studying history of art, seeing all the masterpieces in never-ending powerpoints… and now I can enjoy this reunion. Because when you are in front of a painting that you have studied before, that you have seen before, that  is in your mind and you see it for the first time in the museum it is like a reunion, you say: “I know you, I can recognize you”. It is like meeting an old friend even though you never have seen this painting before but you still recognize its author. This has happened to me.
And also there are paintings that you love at the first sight. I’m going to show some of them:

 John Constable - Sketch for Hadleigh Castle 1828
 Karel Appel - Hip, hip hoorah 1949
Rose Wylie - Inglourious Basterds (film notes) 2010

I hope to continue visiting museums. London always has things to visit.

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