Train Tracks

Como comentaba unas entradas atrás. Estuve en la Halcyon y vi a Bob Dylan... Me gustó mucho una de sus obras, así que decidí copiarla. Es de unas dimensiones considerables... más de dos metros de largo por uno de alto aproximadamente. Como siempre la fotografía lo aguanta todo.

Train Tracks is one of the most iconic drawings from The Drawn Blank Series. The image, of a train track receding into the distance, with no beginning and no end, is perhaps most reminiscent of Dylan’s journey. Having played more than 2,500 shows since June 1988, Dylan continues travelling across the world from city to city. Trains have always played an important part in Dylan’s music, writing and art. In his autobiography, he writes: “I’d seen and heard trains from my earliest childhood days... The sound of trains off in the distance more or less made me feel at home, like nothing else was missing, like I was at some level place, never in any significant danger and everything was fitting together.”

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